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A family friendly hostel filled with food and fun I Near Miyajima, Hiroshima


Omotenashi Hostel Miyajima is just a few minutes from the streetcar Hiroden Jigozen station. It is a family friendly hostel filled with food and fun for both children and adults. Whether you’re staying the night or not, you can take advantage of the open lounge.
Omotenashi has a large menu with hearty meals like fried chicken burgers with fries, yamitsuki chicken, and fried oysters from the oyster farm down the street. And alcohol they have — around 135 different bottles of whiskey, gin, liqueur, Hiroshima sake and more. And from any bottle on the shelf you can ask for a half shot, or a single and get them on the rocks or in a soda split, making it easy to taste and compare alcohols that you might not normally buy.

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